About Us

Howard Kauffman [Owner]

Howard Kauffman, owner of Advanced Landscapes, has worked as a landscaper in Lancaster, PA for more than 36 years. For 23 of those years, he was a co-owner of a landscaping business and in 2011, he went out on his own and founded Advanced Landscapes. He now serves a growing clientele of diverse landscaping customers throughout York and Lancaster counties.

Four factors that distinguish us are:

  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Attention to Detail
  • Our eagerness to accept landscaping challenges that baffle other landscapers.

We love this stuff!

Landscaping is in our blood. It's what excites us, and it's what motivates us every day. Our mission is to make every home, especially yours, a showcase that perfectly blends the beauty of living plants with the beauty of your buildings.

We achieve that goal by listening closely to our client's desires. We also educate our clients on proper landscaping techniques that will help to maintain the beauty of their projects and prevent future problems.